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Past Life


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Genres:  Indie Rock

Years Active:  2016-Present


Dash Williams | Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Branden Bauer | Guitar, Backing Vocals
Anthony Massucci | Bass

Justin Sterchele | Drums

Booking & Press Inquiries:

Email Justin at info@pastlifemusic.com

Press Clippings

Window Shopping Economics on the whole is jam-packed with jams. The vocal melodies are incredibly catchy, the riffs move a room like an airport autowalk, and the effects are fresh enough to stay charming without blotting out the incredible instrumental work. The variance in style across the album is exciting and shows the dynamic strength of the group, especially with songs like my personal favorite “Den of Thieves.”
-Luciano Ferrara @ The Alternative Magazine

A cheerful ode to being there for your friends, this sonic arm around your shoulders is bound and determined to light you up inside. Phoenix-esque melodies sweep you up with the endearing lyrics, emotive and motivational in one go. Add a healthy dose of badass, winding guitars and synth-y daydream material, and you’ve got one hell of a groovy listen.

-Tori Coker @ Tongue Tied Mag

In a completely sinister scene, they conduct some sort of fire ceremony that looks straight out of an A24 film. One of the eeriest videos you’ve seen in a while, the most unsettling part doesn’t come until the end as the wolves find someone new to prey on.

-Samantha Sullivan @ WXPN The Key

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